Creativity is no longer about overcoming deficiency. It’s a conversation about potential.

The CreativePivot creates the environment for you to have this conversation and find your potential.

Making a pivot is to fundamentally shift the focus of your business. It doesn’t mean changing your core beliefs or values – it’s about finding new ways of carrying out your business.

Growth and innovation are generated through your people, partners, customers and stakeholders who enjoy their work.

We aim to activate your creativity so you build connection, ideas and strategy.

Through a series of activities tailored to your needs, you get stronger, more connected teams and groups making collaborative choices and creative decisions faster.

Generative facilitation

Our facilitation is all about generating interactive opportunities for discussion and collaboration, to lead groups of all sizes toward constructive solutions.

We facilitate people and purpose and we do this through:

  • Co-creation: a social learning process that generates tangible outputs and intangible outcomes. It evolves ideas to realise benefits and is the foundation of innovation.
  • Connection: reinforces we are all human and naturally social, and in being so, also creative. We connect people and ideas into actionable co-created projects worth doing.
  • Exploration: breaks the patterns of our comfort zones. We think about new possibilities and constructively challenge them with open minds, and inspire and engage everyone to generate new stories and opportunities.
  • Design: stimulates everyone to convert a range of ideas into viable options and decisions. Together as a group you optimise the benefits and minimise the risks.

An experiential approach

We believe in learning through doing as the best way you can retain information and enjoy the process.

We explore real life scenarios through individual and group problem solving, which opens the space for self-analysis and high impact engagement.

We are inspiring yet realistic, motivating and adaptable. We use a range of activities to get you curious and inspire your thinking.

Creative mindsets

Creativity builds resilience – patience, awareness and courage to continue moving forward, even if that means completely changing course.

A creative mindset generates a belief in one’s own creativity which helps us embrace curiosity, suspend judgement, tolerate ambiguity, tap into our imagination and follow-through.

With a creative mindset we become inspired, focused and effective.

Teams will feel more energised and excited because they find meaning in what they stand for and how it relates to what they want to achieve.
Workshops are tailored to what works best for your team or group.

So, if you would like to get more creative, don’t delay, book a workshop now.

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